Top Reasons Why Python is so Popular in programming Languages ?

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Python was developed by Guido van Rossum. And the first release version of Python came out in 1991.

Python has become a very popular programming language in the last few years. Software developers, scientists, mathematicians, data analysts, network engineers, and many other professionals use Python in their work.
Every developer is looking to learn Python. So what made Python such a popular language?

why Python is Popular

Why Python is Popular

Python is a programming language that uses a variety of programming paradigms. These include procedural programming paradigm, imperative programming paradigm, functional programming paradigm, and object-oriented programming paradigm.


Where Python Used?

Nowadays, Python is used in all trending topics like machine learning, data visualization, data analysis.
Besides, Python is used in web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, software testing, automation, and hacking.
This means that python is used in many areas, including software development.

Syntax of Python

Python is a language that you can use to solve complex problems in less time and using fewer lines of code. Now suppose you want to create a simple Hello World program using java, c, and python.


The following block shows how the Hello World program in java looks like.

    public class Main() {
      public static void main(String args[]) {
        System.out.println("Hello World!");

Let us see how this program looks in C

    #include <stdio.h>
    void main() {
      printf("Hello World!");

And now let's see what the Hello World program looks like in python

                   print("Hello World!")

So you can see how big a block had to be written in java and c to print a simple string value but in Python Hello World was printed in just one line of code. This is the magic of Python.
The syntax of Python is very simple. Fifth-sixth graders can also learn Basic Python. It is the Power of Python.


Utilization of Program

Python is a high-level language. That means you don't have to worry about concepts like memory management in Python. Python also has an inbuilt garbage collector.


Python is a cross-platform language. Which allows you to run any program you have written once in any operating system.

Large community

Python is an old programming language. Python is almost 30 years old, so the Python community is very large. So you will never get stuck while coding in Python. You will find the solution on the internet right away.


Large ecosystem

Python has 100+ libraries that make Python even simpler. Libraries are some of the programs that people have already written and we can simplify our program by importing them.

Jobs for Python programmers

Since Python is a powerful programming language, many companies use Python. So Python developer jobs are in high demand in the industry. According to, an average Python developer earns about $115,800 a year.

So Python programming language is a very fantastic programming language. Python has many advantages. Because of that Python is a very popular language in the developer field.



As you can see in this article, Python is used in the industry, Looked at the syntax of Python, learned about the job of a Python developer, and discussed this and many other things that helped us understand why Python is such a popular language.
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