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As you read articles on trending, hot programming topics on programtuts. Also, programtuts allow you to write articles. If you find the article to be of good quality and in the conditions of the programtuts, then the programtuts will post the article on programtuts.com for free. Just write a good article on any programming topic and send it in the way we told it. If it fits in the condition of programtuts then of course we will post it for free on Programtuts.

So what will be the conditions (rules)?

1. you mustn't copy the article from anywhere. It should be written by you.
2. If you are going to use an image in an article, it should also be your own or by stock images websites with proper attributes of an image.
3. Article should be well written. Grammar mistakes should not be in the article.
4. The article should be easy to read.
5. Every code should be correct when written, there should be no errors in it.
6. Don't write anything that will create an atmosphere of tension in society.

What is the process for writing an article?

You can use any one of the following methods to write an article.

Method 1

You have to download any TXT, or HTML file in which you are going to write your article (the files are really safe). After downloading the file, we are given sections in which you can write your content. And after writing, save the file.

The following links will help you if you have any problems with these files.
How to write in TXT file →
How to write in HTML file →

Method 2

If you have any problem, you can create your own file and send it to us. The file should be in txt or in HTML format. So you should write the article according to the following method.

1. Name - Name is for who wrote this article
2. Email - for personal info
3. Mobile No - it is not mandatory but it's also for personal info.
4. Your profile picture - It is for who wrote this article.
4. Headline - the headline of the article.
5. Main content - the content of the article and also the images used in the article.

Below is an image sample of the format

Writting Format

You have to write your article only in this format. Use the same format for txt or HTML. After writting save the file.

Method 3

You can write your article directly on the Gmail app or on Gmail's website and send it to us from there and there are also tools available for you to write. So you can write your article on Gmail as follows.

You want to click on the Compose button which you will see at the top left of the computer.

Compose Button

You will then see a new box at the bottom right of your computer in which you want to write your article.

Compose Button

The following video will give you a complete idea to write an article via gmail.

No matter how you write your article, it should be good and we and visitors should understand what you have written and you should send this article to us.

Now where and how to send that file?

If your article is written as stated in the file, now you can send it to the official E-Mail of the ProgramTuts which is [email protected], or do WhatsApp it to this number +91-8433887822

How much time does it take to publish the article on the programtuts website?

After sending the file to us, we see your article follows our conditions (rules) or not. If the article is well written and does it follows our conditions then we post it on the website but if your article is not following our conditions then we don't post it on the website.

For reviewing and publishing your article it may take 1-3 days or more. if all is looking good in your article then your article is seen on the programtuts website in 1-3 days or more.

Thank You,
For Writting with us.

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